Why choose Buutti? Frequently asked questions

As a sales professional, I get asked a lot of questions. I gathered a list of the most common questions I hear from clients and potential clients. Most of them are related to the themes of ”Why should we buy from you?” Or, slightly differently put, ”How are you different from XYZ?”

Let me show how we see the market and why our customers decide to trust us.

1. Are Buuttians good with code?

Yes. It’s hard to get recruited by Buutti. Unlike many other dev shops, we run extensive coding, technical and personal interviews. For the past 5-ish years, there has been a notion in the market that you are not allowed to do an extensive selection process because skilful developers don’t have time for that. It means many consultancy companies run a shallow process. We don’t take shortcuts. It’s not the easiest process, but it gives us a high degree of certainty that we have developers who can deliver.

2. How do you evaluate software developers?

The way many companies make software consultant selections is wrong. Experience seems to be the main factor. For us, competence is more important than experience. It doesn’t mean we hire directly from schools. But the difference in output between 5 and 10 years of experience is usually quite low.

You can think of it this way. Harry Styles is not experienced, but can he sing? Some of the most successful companies were founded by inexperienced founders. Some of the most important scientific breakthroughs were made by inexperienced researchers. If a framework has existed for five years, what good is having ten years of experience?

3. Can I see the developer’s name and face?

Yes, we don’t do anonymous stuff. We use tons of time to select our people, so we want you to know who they are. Our developers also publish high-level blog content, so you get to see their thoughts and strengths.

4. What is your pricing?

Let’s talk about money. Unlike most software companies, we are open about our pricing, and I do think it’s a strength. You can get a promising junior developer for 45-55 €/h, a middle level is 60-80 €/h and a senior developer for 80 €/h. For a more detailed view, see: https://buutticonsulting.com/en/for-companies/pricing/

To summarise: 

  1. We are strict with the selection process. 
  2. We believe competence is the most important factor when selecting. 
  3. We showcase our developers in various ways. No anonymous stuff. 
  4. We talk about money openly.

It has worked quite well. We have been one of the fastest growing companies in Europe: https://www.ft.com/ft1000-2023. We work with banking, e-charging solutions, the public sector, self-driving vehicles, All sorts of machinery, e-commerce platforms (not Shopify, Magento etc.), health tech, ICT and telecommunications.

If it’s code, we handle it! Ask for an offer, and you will see the difference compared to others 😉