IoT solutions with Treon

Treon is a Finnish high-tech company and technology leader specialized in strategic data acquisition and intelligent edge products for massive IoT. They offer both ready-made IoT products, software, and services, as well as tailored solutions for industries such as industrial, digital buildings, and logistics. Buutti has collaborated with Treon for over two years and our consultants have played pivotal roles in Treon’s projects.

”The contribution of Buutti’s consultants has been the perfect addition to our development team to accelerate our product development scale at Treon. We enjoyed smooth cooperation due to the excellent fit to our team and with their contribution we succeeded to tackle complex challenges even faster.”

– Kirsi Heittokangas, Software Lead at Treon. 


Putting Python and Linux configuration skills to use

Buutti consultants have participated in two projects to date. One project focused on improving industrial device manufacturing processes, particularly in terms of production testing. Our consultant’s responsibility has been the development of a comprehensive testing program (runs on Linux) and ensuring its seamless integration within the production workflow. The work required a significant amount of Linux configuration and comprehensive Python skills. Our consultant also got to work with different custom communication protocols and learnt a lot from them.

The second project involved creating a customized embedded system that gathers data from the client’s devices and transmits it to the cloud. This one was also developed with Python as the system runs on Linux with quite powerful hardware. Yocto Linux became very familiar to our consultant during this time.

Working with world-class products and teams

Asking from consultants about what it was like to work at Treon the answer is clear: it has been pleasant and rewarding. Treon has offered our consultants a stimulating work environment where a good team spirit, skilled co-workers and exciting projects meet one another. There has been a chance to strengthen their experience in various areas, such as Linux and embedded programming, hardware, mechanics, and production-related aspects.

”It’s a great feeling when you know that the client you’re working with has a positive impact on the world.” – Buutti’s consultant


What tech was used?

IoT, Python, Linux, Yocto