Highest value for our customers.

Most meaningful projects for our employees.

The Story of Buutti

By the efforts of four enthusiastic coders, it evolved into a consulting and training company with 100 experts in six years. What has been required for Buutti’s recipe for success? At least the courage to try new things, top-notch experts in both coding and support functions, and a touch of humor.

It all started in 2016 when we organized the first Koodikärpät in Oulu. We employed dozens of young people in summer jobs related to programming. This sparked the idea to establish a company with the goal of spreading the joy of programming. Buutti Oy was registered in 2017, and since then we have initially organized programming clubs at the University of Oulu and later jumped into the wonderful world of consulting, achieving great successes in both consulting and training.

Nowadays, we offer consulting, recruitment, and training services throughout Finland. Our largest clients are in the fields of telecommunications technology, healthcare, and banking and finance sectors. Our expertise is focused on web and embedded system software development, and we are most proficient in embedded Linux, C++, TypeScript, Java, and C#.

Buutti Consulting focuses on IT consulting and software development services. We employ senior developers who are top professionals in their field. We have the ability to consult clients on challenging projects while simultaneously offering meaningful work for our developers.

CodeMatch recruitment service acts as a bridge between talented junior and mid-level developers and clients. CodeMatch developers work on client projects for one year and after that are recruited by the client. We have many success stories to tell!

Buutti Education is changing the field of programming education in Finland. We train beginning and junior developers and recruit them for our clients. Buutti Education is known for its high-quality courses, which are designed by software developers and have received top ratings from students and clients.

We are part of the Netum Group. Netum provides digital services in data analytics, management consulting, cybersecurity, integration solutions, and continuity services. Netum is a rapidly growing IT service partner with over 20 years of experience in demanding IT projects.


  • 2016 The first Koodikärpät summer job event
  • 2017 programming clubs at the University of Oulu, Buutti is founded
  • 2018 First software project and our first office in Oulu
  • 2018 First software training with TE-services
  • 2019 Buutti Consulting and Buutti Education are split into their own organisations
  • 2019 First software projects in Helsinki and an office in Helsinki
  • 2020 Software trainings in North Karelia, Pirkanmaa and Southwest Finland
  • 2020 First software projects in Tampere
  • 2021 New, bigger offices in Oulu and Helsinki
  • 2022 More than 100 employees
  • 2023 Netum Group acquires Buutti

Our values

Possibility to have an impact

We all have the possibility to have an impact on our job description and the way we work, the possibility to get interesting job opportunities and support in our career development.


We aim to solve our issues primarily through discourse. We encourage each other and keep the work environment relaxed.


We aren’t looking to make a quick buck, but instead we aim to find the best and the most sustainable solutions to improve business both internally and with our clients.


Know-how and the will to improve are more important to us than just experience. We support each other on our journeys.


We are honest and transparent in our internal and external communication and decision making.


We trust each others’ knowledge and skills. We have trust in what our consultants have to say and their expertise.

Reporting channel

Buutti Oy is a subsidiary of Netum Group Oyj and therefore has access to the group’s Whistleblowing reporting channel. Through this channel, employees and stakeholders can anonymously raise any concerns related to Buutti’s operations. You can use the channel to report suspected misconduct, such as violations of the law. Reported concerns and violations will be investigated, and the necessary actions will be taken accordingly.

Link to the reporting channel: https://report.whistleb.com/en/netum 

You can find more detailed instructions on how to use the reporting channel behind the link.