Netum acquires Buutti – Q&A

Netum Group Plc will acquire the entire share capital of Buutti Oy. The transaction will be completed on the 1st of September. Here are some questions and answers on Buutti’s future.

What is Netum?

Netum is a Finnish IT services company. They have 300 employees and have been operating for 20 years. Netum is a public company listed in the Nasdaq First North marketplace.

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What happens to Buutti?

Buutti will continue as our own company as a part of Netum Group. No merger with Netum is in sight for now — only the ownership changes. The founders of Buutti will keep on working with the company.

Why was the deal made?

Netum and Buutti have the ingredients to accelerate each other’s growth. Buutti will have access to even better resources and public sector clients. Netum Group’s digital services development capacity almost doubles with the deal.

“Netum Group was a very natural choice to support Buutti’s next growth steps, and with a broader service portfolio, among other things, the arrangement brings a very positive vibe to our future growth plans,” states Mikko Koistinen, Buutti’s CEO.

What do Netum and Buutti have in common?

Netum and Buutti are both fast-growing Finnish IT services houses. Both companies have employees and customers as their top priority. We aim to be the best possible employers and work communities. Very low employee turnover and high customer satisfaction rates show that the companies have succeeded in this.

What is different between the companies?

Netum and Buutti fit like pieces of a puzzle. Netum serves mainly public clients, while Buutti focuses on private companies. Netum has employees in Tampere, Helsinki, Turku, Pori Jyväksylä and Hämeenlinna, whereas Buutti’s headquarters are in Oulu and two other offices are in Tampere and Helsinki.

Effects on Buuttians?

The employment contracts, benefits and customer projects will continue as before. In the future, more projects will be available for Buuttians, as our sales team will cooperate with Netum’s sales.

Effects on customers?

Our consultants will continue in our customer projects as before. In the future, there will be more resources available for our customers.

Can I still apply for jobs?

Yes, we are looking for new developers and customer projects. Check out open opportunities here:

How about Buuttiset – Buutti’s famous newsletter?

The party will go on as before — even Ilta-Buutti.