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Do you want to join a company created specifically for software developers? With us, you don’t have to be a unicorn; we value diverse experience, the capability to work independently, and the excitement to work with our customers. We mainly offer job tasks related to the development of web and embedded systems.

We hope that you have already gained several (5+) years of software development experience. Our work opportunities are mainly located in Helsinki, Tampere, and Oulu, but you can also work remotely.

Do you have 1-4 years of work experience? Check out our CodeMatch-jobs.



How much do you earn at Buutti? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

We use a commission-based salary model with a guaranteed monthly salary of around 3000 - 4000 euros. Our developers generally earn anything from about 4000 - 8000 euros a month.

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What kind of projects does Buutti have? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

You can find our code in almost any field. These include but are not limited to telecommunications, health, finance, industrial, IoT and logistics. Our primary clients are in the private sector. We have our own four-person sales team at Buutti, and after being acquired by Netum, we also have access to their skilled salespeople and strong foothold in the public sector.

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How does Buutti build community spirit?add_circledo_not_disturb_on

We like to do stuff together. Typical activities include voluntary office days, sports, summer parties, Christmas parties, team lunches, weekly quizzes, and sharing memes in the chat.

What are the main programming languages and technologies that you use? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

Buutti mainly focuses on modern web and embedded development. Of course, the project always influences the technologies we use, but we primarily utilize these:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript (React, Angular Vue, Node.js)
  • Java
  • C#
  • /.NET
  • C++ and C
  • Python
  • Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • DevOps
What's the vacation policy at Buutti? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

With us, you accrue 2.5 vacation days per month right from the beginning of employment. You can use the accumulated vacation days from the next month. We also pay our employees holiday pay. We pay your salary during the vacation period and the vacation pay according to the commission of your client project. If you want more time off, unpaid leave is also possible.

What if I don't have a project to work on? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

Although our developers generally spend very little time on the bench, the consultant's work can also sometimes come to a break in between projects. In this case, the monthly salary will offer you security. As a bench warmer, you'll typically use your time for self-study, courses, or, for example, open-source projects. You also get the chance to participate in Buutti's internal development projects if these are ongoing. When you are not working on a project, your working hours are 80% a week with a full monthly salary.

Do you work from the client's or Buutti's offices? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

We offer extensive remote work opportunities, but some of our employees work from the client's office, while others prefer working from our premises. Depending on the project, the customer may also require you to visit them occasionally. You can find our offices in Helsinki, Oulu, and Tampere. At the moment, we do not offer complete remote work contracts.

How does Buutti support the employees' continuous learning and professional development? add_circledo_not_disturb_on

At Buutti, we encourage and support personal development. We offer our developers a training benefit of 15 hours a year, which is study time, where we pay you a commission based on the margin of the client project. If you want to study more, you can do this with the support of a monthly salary. We organize new courses and study materials as needed, and Buutti also has its own training material bank. We also pay a bonus for completing cloud certificates, for example.

Our recruitment process is swift and smooth

Send us your application

First off, tell us who you are, what you can do, and what kind of work are you looking for.

Have a chat with our talent acquisition

Let’s get to know each other better. You can tell us about your work history in more detail. We would like to hear about your interests and your wishes towards Buutti. You’ll also get to hear more about working at Buutti, and we’ll make sure to answer any questions you may have.

Technical interview

In this interview, we’ll delve deeper into your expertise, and we might have some trickier questions for you. You’ll also get the opportunity to challenge us and find out whether you like the view that Buutti has on technology. Your know-how will be tested in practice as well with a live coding assignment.

Finding the right project

You’ll meet with our sales team and discuss about suitable clients and projects. We also like to hear your project wishes.

Welcome to Buutti!

Time to put on your Buutti-hoodie and get down to business.

We are flexible

Buutti offers you freedom and responsibility. We won’t interfere with your work for no reason, but trust your professional skills. We are also flexible: the location, tools, scheduling, and vacations are negotiable. With us, you will have an outstanding work-life balance. You won’t have to pick up your phone in the evenings to answer work calls, and you’ll be able to keep proper holidays.

Interesting and challenging projects

At Buutti, we have interesting clients in various industries related to both web and embedded systems. With an efficient sales team and a wide customer base, we will find interesting projects for you. We aim to serve our clients excellently while also supporting the development of our consultants in many ways. Our workload won’t tear you to shreds, but instead, you can focus on a single project at a time.

We’re open and honest

You’ll always stay up to date with what happens as Buutti. We’ll state things openly, just as they are. Our employees also influence Buutti’s future direction. All your ideas will be heard, processed, archived, and sometimes even carried out!

Knowledgeable and friendly peers

The people of Buutti are incredibly skilled, so you can be proud to work with us. We don’t believe that a developer can ever truly be ready; instead, we’ll help you improve your professional skills in any way we can.

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