Salary and Benefits

As Buutti’s developer, you earn well thanks to our fair and transparent salary model. Your salary consists of monthly base pay and a commission based on the profit margin. Please refer to the calculator below to see your monthly earnings.

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See the relation between billing per hour and your total working hours at Buutti.

When working on a client project, you are entitled to a commission-based salary. If you are not working on a client project, you will receive a monthly salary of 3000-4000€ will be paid. During this time, the working hours are 80%, which means a daily working time of 6 hours. You will use this time for self-study or internal development projects at Buutti.

Your final salary depends on the project you’ll be working on, your technological experience and the current price level of the market. Holiday pay and holiday allowance are paid based on the commission from the client’s project. Public holidays and sick leave pay are determined based on the fixed monthly salary.


4000 – 5000 €

Senior Developer

5000 – 8000 €

Hourly billing



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