Software development 80 €/h

Can top-notch development be achieved at this price? With Buutti, it can.

The skills of the developers have been verified through challenging programming tasks and technical interviews. A Buutti developer is always better than one would assume based on their years of experience. If a Buutti developer appears to be a mid-level developer based on their CV, they produce senior-level code.

“Good developers, 10/10.”

Laura Ek, Custobar

How much exactly?

Junior 45-55€/h

  • Strong hobby background
  • Good attitude and learning ability
  • Masters one technology well
  • Knows the ways of a software developer

Developer 60-80€/h

  • Extensive experience with multiple technologies
  • Fits into any team
  • Works independently and produces high-quality code
  • Can assess technical implementation and customer processes
  • Can assess the code and solutions of others

Senior 80+ €/h

  • Versatile experience with various projects
  • Can successfully lead the customer’s team or project
  • Deep expertise in different technologies
  • Can be responsible for the entire codebase
  • Can assess the customer’s architecture and technology solutions

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Head of Sales
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Sales manager
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Sales Manager 
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Sales Manager
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