What do we do?

From us, you get software expertise for your short and long projects. We can help you to develop your software, choose the right technologies and strengthen your business idea. We also have experienced project managers at your disposal.

Why choose Buutti Oy?

For us, the most important thing is to offer high-quality expertise at a convenient price point. Thus we maximize the customer’s value creation. Our lightweight organization structure keeps our expenses low. This has served as a recipe for our rapid growth from four founders to over thirty software development, IT-consulting and ICT-training professionals.

What are we best at?

In the core of our expertise are embedded systems SW and web application development. We can also handle mobile application development. We have offices in Oulu and Espoo. At the moment, we have 20 IT-consults working with 8 customer companies.

Any questions? 

Contact us:

Jussi Käkönen

+358 40 0882365


By choosing Buutti, you support Finnish programming excellence.

Our strongest technologies are:

  • – Embedded Linux
  • – C
  • – C++
  • – JavaScript
  • – React
  • – Node
  • – C#

We are already working with these industries:

  • – ICT and telecommunications
  • – Healthcare
  • – Automotive
  • – IoT

We are looking forward to expand our services in:

  • – Telecommunications
  • – Healthcare
  • – Finance
  • – Automotive

Our reference customers

Why to choose buutti?

1. We speak your language

Perhaps the largest part of our positive feedback comes from our way to communicate with the customer. We tell both the advantages and disadvantages of each project clearly and honestly. As ICT-consultants, we aim to bring good software development practices to our clients’ culture.

2. You will avoid the accumulation of “technical debt”. We use good and agile development practices.

Technical debt is a result of shortcuts in software architecture and temporary solutions. Technical debt is all the work that could have been avoided by doing things differently in an earlier phase of the project. The reason for this is usually a tight schedule. Technical debt raises the costs of system maintenance and further development. This raise in costs happens because of the unpredictable errors and problems caused by changes. For example, a long and tedious polishing, testing and integrating period is a sign of bad practices.

Our software development is based on agile practices. Thus making changes to software in the middle of a project is easier and more ccst-efficient.

3. You can meet and interview our developers face-to-face.

Everything is based on trust. Before a project begins, you can take your time to interview our developers and make sure that their skills match your needs.

4. We utilize automatic testing in our software development.

Automatic unit- and user interface testing, continuous integration and static code analysis are examples of the methods we use for continuous software testing. By utilizing these tools, we spot errors in a matter of minutes and can fix them with greatly reduced effort.

5. The customer gets to keep all of the source code.

Contact us

Jussi Käkönen

Business Manager

+358 40 0882 365