At the office

At the Buutti offices, you can be yourself and wear whatever you like. You can show up to the office in crocs and track pants if you so wish. Most of the time it’s also possible to work remotely, in which case it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing either. Working from the office has its benefits though. These include, but are not limited to, a (nearly) endless supply of coffee from our coffee machine, and lunch breaks with your coworkers either at the break room or at a workplace lunch restaurant (most of the time the closest one). The working hours at Buutti are flexible, so you can organize your days however you like.

The technology philosophy of Buutti

At Buutti, our goal is to produce sustainable and long-lasting technical solutions and clear, easy-to-maintain high-quality code. We steer clear of spaghetti code and aim to help our customers decrease their technical debt now and in the future. All of our developers know how to design larger entities as well as produce clean lines of code efficiently. Starting from the recruitment phase, we emphasize the know-how of our employees in programming, testing, as well as software architecture.

A tight-knit working community

Buutti employees get along both at work and outside company time. In the company chat, among work-related stuff, people share their favorite music, dog photos, and programmer memes. The chat is also often used to arrange free-time activities, ranging from the next DOTA-match of Kanaliiga to after-works in the city center. The in-house tabloid/weekly bulletin, Ilta-Buutti, is published in the chat every Friday. In addition to that, on Fridays we also have the weekly quiz through Google Meet. The whole company gets together at least twice a year, once for our summer party and once for the Christmas party.

Fun stuff


How did our business director end up as the keyboard player of Hevisaurus? How did Buutti employees invent the potato? In our weekly tabloid Ilta-Buutti, we introduce new employees and have some fun in the spirit of the teekkari-magazines.

Weekly quiz

On Fridays, we get together to take part in the weekly quiz on various challenging topics. Your knowledge will be tested in fields such as geometry, car brands, designer furniture, and TV chefs. The ones who manage to rack up the most points during a quiz season are rewarded on Christmas and at midsummer.

Radio Station

We love music. On our in-house radio station, we share our favorite songs of a certain type on Theme Tuesdays and present our favorite albums one at a time on a weekly basis. You can find our Theme Tuesday -playlists here.


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Matilda Mustakallio

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