Buutti is a consulting company, which means that you’ll be working with our customers in their projects. There are many kinds of projects constantly available, and our sales team is looking for more all of the time. What’s special about Buutti is that you have the possibility to choose your own projects that you want to work in. If you like working with a certain client of ours, you can keep working with them for years on end if you want to. If you instead wish to try something new, it can always be arranged.

Web development

In our web development projects, you get to work with a multitude of technologies in varying customer projects. What we have on offer varies from projects that require more modern tech stacks to legacy projects in both the front end and the back end, as well as full stack. The most commonly used technologies in our projects include JavaScript, React, C#, AWS, and Go for example. With these tools, you can work on projects such as scheduling systems, logistics control, web applications, or web-based games.

Embedded systems

In our embedded systems projects you’ll get to work as hands-on with hardware as you want to. Whether you specialize in Linux, CUDA, or C, we’ll surely have something interesting for you to work on. The embedded systems projects that we offer can be related to, for example, telecommunications networks, healthcare equipment, or self-driving vehicles.

Our sales team

You’ll get to know these guys during the recruitment process already. With them, you’ll plan how you’re going to progress from one project to another. They are pretty cool people too.

Antti Randell

Sales Manager
Helsinki region
+358 40 012 538 5

Jussi Käkönen

Sales Manager 
Other regions
+358 40 088 2365

Lassi Kaisto

Business Manager
Other regions
+358 40 7077 310



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If you’re looking for more information, you can contact Matilda Mustakallio. Our e-mail addresses are in the form of firstname.lastname@buutti.com.

Matilda Mustakallio

Talent Acquisition lead

+358 45 7832 9415