FocalSpec Data Service

When you want the best possible results in manufacturing smartphone screens or medical packaging, the importance of quality control must not be underestimated. The human eye is not accurate enough, and lab tests are far too slow for the purpose of production line usage. FocalSpec, however, has a solution for this problem. They produce sensors, which can quickly confirm the faultlessness of the product without removing it from the assembly line. The patented Line Confocal Imaging -technology owned by FocalSpec achieves laboratory-level measurements at top speeds.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to FocalSpec’s equipment, which makes calibrating the equipment essential. Buutti created a program to control the data from FocalSpec devices’ Basic Acceptance tests and calibrations.

Our developers planned, executed, and tested the software. The technologies used were React, Express, Azure, and Docker. The testing was done with Jest and Enzyme.