Pharmac ERP and OmaPro

Pharmac is a Finnish company founded in 2008. Pharmac’s core business is automated dose dispensing service, ADD. Pharmac also develops IT applications to automate the dispense process and various external applications to support their customers. Pharmac has over 100 employees and a market share about 40 % of end-users and over half of the pharmacies offering dose dispensing services in Finland. Easier everyday life for end-users, relatives and nurses and better medical safety have always been the goals of Pharmac.

Buutti and Pharmac have been cooperating since June of 2021. Software developer Erlin Hysenbelliu has been working on Pharmac’s ERP and OmaPro-mobile applications. Erlin has 10 years of experience in software development and his role has been stabilizing, optimising, and modernising Pharmac’s software as well as ironing out bugs.

There have been several technologies used in the project: some legacy, others modern. Erlin’s task has included moving the software to modern tech stacks and methods. The new technologies have included React.js, Node.js, TypeScript. Other technologies have been Microsoft SQL, TypeORM, Dapper and .NET Core APIs.

As a result, Pharmac’s applications run better and more securely. Stability has been improved and their processes have been documented better. Many processes have also been optimised to use significantly less resources.

Pharmac’s development process has been modernised overall, as Erlin has used his extensive experience on cloud platforms and web applications. Their whole CI/CD pipeline has been streamlined and moved to Azure DevOps.