Helping Nordic Healthcare Group with web development and DevOps

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leading advisory, insights and research company. They help maximise health and social care outcomes with their sustainable solutions. NHG’s professionals know the healthcare business exceptionally well. This is why they can use the healthcare data to provide uniquely useful information for their clients.

Buutti has helped NHG develop their product portal and admin portal. In the product portal, NHG’s clients can access different reports. These reports help healthcare organisations to improve their operations by learning from other providers in the field. This portal was well on the way in the autumn of 2023 when NHG hired Buutti’s Tuomas to help its development.

Full stack developer Tuomas joined NHG’s software team to create new features to the software. From the get-go, there was good communication inside the team. ”NHG’s team was great. The PO listens actively and gives us developers lots of freedom,” Buutti’s Tuomas describes his experience.

With Tuomas’s extensive experience, he worked on implementing the new user interface to the portal. He introduced the Material UI React component library, making developing the user interface easier and faster. Now, almost any front end developer can continue the development process. Along with this change, Buutti’s consultant has implemented various UI improvements and refactored lots of code. So far, the response from NHG’s clients has been positive.

”There is more automation now, and the production is faster, easier, and the quality is higher.”

Buutti’s Tuomas also helped the team improve their coding practices. The most important one is the implementation of a CI/CD pipeline. ”There is more automation now, and the production is faster, easier, and the quality is higher,” explains Peter Törnroos, the Product Owner from NHG. With Tuomas’s guidance, the team has taken leaps and bounds towards the best modern software development practices. One important part has been the adaptation of GitHub Flow to manage the project’s source code.

With these DevOps changes, Buutti has helped NHG outside the original assignment: ”Tuomas has high quality standards, and he wants things to be done right. We originally got him to create new features, but his expertise has proved valuable in DevOps,” explains Peter. ”Tuomas has also proved to be flexible and adaptive to different situations.”

Overall, both Buutti and Nordic Healthcare Group have found the collaboration smooth and rewarding. ”Working with Buutti has been easy. Things happen fast and in a flexible way,” explains Peter. ”We would gladly choose Buutti again in the future.”